Technology & Society

With a force rivaling the scale of the Industrial Revolution, technology has become embedded in every aspect of our lives, from communication and education to commerce, transportation, medicine, and entertainment. Understanding the social implications of these dramatic changes requires interdisciplinary perspectives and strong collaborations between social scientists and engineers.  While there are exciting ways in which technology is being used for social good, there are also serious concerns about issues of equality, access, ethics, and justice. New arenas of artificial intelligence and genetic engineering have particularly significant implications. The Institute is supporting the critical analysis of scientific and technological change and helping develop innovative uses of technology for social good.  


Everett Program

The Everett Program empowers students to use the technical, educational, and research resources of the university to work directly with communities, empowering people to design practical solutions to persistent problems. Our aim is to pursue social change through proactive solutions that make an immediate and enduring impact.everett-logo.png

Science & Justice Research Center

The Science & Justice Research Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz is a globally unique endeavor that innovates experimental spaces, engages in co-laborative research practices, and fosters emerging alliances between seemingly disparate sectors, disciplines and communities. Biomedical innovation, species extinction, toxic ecologies, healthcare reform, and many other contemporary matters of concern provoke questions that traverse multiple intellectual, institutional and ethico-political worlds. Science & Justice generates modes of inquiry and empirically rigorous research that address these enormous challenges and support livable worlds. The Center is home to the Science and Justice Working Group, graduate training programs and sponsored research projects. The initiative builds on the UCSC campus’ historic commitments to socioecological justice and strengths in science studies and interdisciplinary research. 

Science and Justice Research Center logo


Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust

The Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust (SVRDT) is a secure cross-sector data-sharing environment combining administrative records from education, health and human services, and juvenile probation in the tri-county Silicon Valley.  It serves dual roles as (1) a data-driven decision making tool for improving service coordination, information flow, and educational outcomes and (2) a research engine for studying student learning in broader contexts, contributing to improved school and life outcomes for youth in the Silicon Valley and the broader field of data science for the public good.