Right Livelihood College

Right Livelihood Award Laureates - recipients of 'the Alternative Nobel Prize'


The Right Livelihood College is a partnership between UC Santa Cruz and the Right Livelihood Award Foundation. Housed at the Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation, the Right Livelihood College links faculty and students with 'Alternative Nobel Prize' winners for research and education about proven solutions to the world's most pressing global problems. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

Visit rightlivelihood.ucsc.edu for more information!

What is the Right Livelihood Award?

'The Alternative Nobel Prize'

The Right Livelihood Award (RLA), widely known as ‘the Alternative Nobel Prize’, is given annually to 4 people or organizations who provide practical solutions to the root causes of global problems in human rights and the environment. There are now over 170 Laureates in 70 countries, including Wangari Maathai, Wes Jackson, Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben / 350.org, Amy Goodman, and David Suzuki. Please visit the Right Livelihood Award Foundation website to see a full list of Laureates organized by dateby location, and by topic

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation is based in Stockholm, Sweden with an office in Geneva, Switzerland and has consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council.


Right Livelihood College

A global network of scholar-activists dedicated to social transformation

The Right Livelihood College (RLC) was created to link the activism of the RLA Laureates with the research, teaching and service of universities. In 2013, UC Santa Cruz's Kresge College Common Ground Center become the first RLC campus in North America, joining campuses in Mumbai/India, Bangkok/Thailand, Port Harcourt/Nigeria, Addis Ababa/Ethiopia, Córdoba/Argentina, Valdivia/Chile, Bonn/Germany, and Lund/Sweden. Please find more background information about our Right Livelihood College here. In 2018, UC Santa Cruz's relationship with the Right Livelihood Award Foundation grew, and now the partnership is based at the Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation while also remaining affiliated with Kresge College Common Ground Center.

What is Right Livelihood?

“The idea of 'right livelihood' is an ancient one. It embodies the principle that each person should follow an honest occupation, which fully respects other people and the natural world. It means being responsible for the consequences of our actions and taking only a fair share of the earth's resources. In every generation, there are groups of people and individuals around the globe who valiantly uphold these principles of right livelihood, often working in the face of adversity. The Right Livelihood Award exists to honour and support such people.” - The Right Livelihood Award website