IDS CASE STUDY: Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust (SVRDT)

December 18, 2018

Author Rosalyn Allison-Jacobs from the Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy organization at the University of Pennsylvania has released a new report. The IDS Case Study Report is an expansion of an overview of the Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust (SVRDT) along with a case study to illustrate potential impacts of SVRDT. The report provides information on the history, structure, governance, and plans for SVRDT including UC Santa Cruz's expected role in the SVRDT Research-Practice Partnership.

SVRDT’s mission is to change the culture and practice of how data are responsibly and ethically used to develop actionable solutions to critical educational, health, and social problems. SVRDT provides a Secure Data Environment (SDE) that will enable K-12 public schools and county health and human service agencies to share data in order to coordinate case management, personalize and integrate services, inform public policy, and partner with UCSC faculty to conduct research in partnership with public schools and county agencies. Collectively, the partnerships across the three counties include over 60 school districts, separate Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, and Juvenile Probation agencies in each county, and three County Offices of Education that provide fiscal oversight and operational support to their respective municipal school districts.

The Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation will support the inter-disciplinary team of UCSC faculty and graduate students conducting research as part of the SVRDT Research-Practice Partnership.