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A call to action for the UC Santa Cruz community

The Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation serves as an incubator for new ideas and an accelerator for scholarship in the public interest. The Santa Cruz Institute supports boundary-crossing research, creative interactions, and rigorous policy-oriented scholarship. Our partners and audience include community organizers, elected officials, policy makers, philanthropists, prospective students, and the general public.

This campus is known for cutting-edge work that benefits people and the planet, and the Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation shares that commitment to social justice. Our scholarship promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability. We provide hands-on research opportunities for students, and we partner with local and global actors. We believe in the power of collaboration, and are eager to foster innovative solutions to pressing social and environmental problems.

The Santa Cruz Institute builds on the campus's progressive values and areas of existing strength by providing support to faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and teams of interdisciplinary researchers.

We provide...

The Santa Cruz Institute’s competitive grant program is designed to spur new ways of thinking about old problems, and to jump-start new initiatives that show promise in advancing theoretical concepts, socially relevant research, community engagement, and public scholarship.